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Folding Boxes

Folding boxes are made in many designs. The applications are quite different. From simple shipping boxes to high-quality product packaging, everything is possible. There are many different ways to refine folding boxes. Almost everything is possible, from brown corrugated cardboard to high-quality cardboard.


Design options and finishing

  • Corrugated and solid cardboard packaging
  • Standard packaging boxes according to FEFCO
  • Cardboard boxes or folding boxes made of corrugated cardboard (unglued / glued)
  • noble product packaging with high practical value
  • refined packaging by lamination with high quality paper and fabric
  • printed packaging
  • Display (life-size)
  • Advertising displays
  • Packaging for high transport security (porcelain, glass, precious metal, watches, jewellery)

Our Services

You Can Rely On Us


Since the products to be packaged are often valuables or high-quality luxury items, we place the highest demands on the quality of our products.



Regardless of whether it is a drawing or just an idea, we would be happy to advise you and discuss the implementation with you before we send you an offer.


Squaring the circle is our goal, because we know the high demands in today's market. In doing so, we rely on the high level of knowledge and craftsmanship of our specialists.



We do not use harmful adhesives and pay attention to FSC certification in order to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of today's generation without endangering those of the future.